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Trees are supposed to be beautiful and pleasant. You can rely on our help to make sure they stay that way.


We do residential and commercial tree trimming to improve the sizing, appearance, and health of your tree.

Hire only a trained trimmer to work on your tree because doing the job incorrectly can cause permanent damage. Backed up by 30+ years of experience, O & O Tree Service, Rockford, IL, can also trim and shape overgrown trees.

Regular tree trimming can keep your trees looking great and standing strong. We also remove any limbs that are dead or diseased, or that could potentially interfere with electric lines, vehicles, gutters, or roofs. Speak to us today.

Skilled Tree Trimming Services

We Specialize in All Types of Tree Trimming

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Trees add beauty to your property

  • Remove diseased or storm-damaged branches

  • Thin the crown permitting better air circulation

  • Trim overgrown trees.

  • Remove obstructing lower branches

  • We can gladly provide local references.

Kyle Boss personally oversees the work

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