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Tree removal

O & O Tree Service provides workers' compensation, and is a fully-licensed, insured.


We always respect your property, and the tree will be safely removed in a professional way.

You may be tempted to remove the tree yourself or to have someone do it for you, but this is extremely dangerous and could lead to property damage. The equipment we use is not only safe but efficient too. Speak to us about your tree removal today.

We are well-positioned to quickly remove any tree, whether it is standing or fallen. Call us when you have trees that pose danger to life and property or when you need a fallen tree removed. We’ll cut or chip the tree quickly and safely, and haul away all debris.

Expert Tree Removal Services

We do Safe and Effective Tree Removal

Call our 24-hour emergency service


Rely on a fully licensed and insured company

  • Remove tree due to root interference with sewer lines

  • Haul cut trees from location

  • Clear out space for wires, fencing, and new construction

  • Mat protection to protect your lawn from damage

Expect complete tree services from us

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